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Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is widely regarded as a highly effective treatment for many different mental health conditions. With a plethora of benefits, TMS is popular among people looking for an effective solution. TMS offers an innovative alternative to traditional solutions like medication. Many people need care for their mental health condition but want to avoid the side effects of medication. For others, medication simply does not work. In these situations, TMS can be a great choice. TMS has proven results in addressing treatment-resistant depression as well as other conditions. If you are seeking TMS treatment in Oregon or Washington, you are in the right place. TMS treatment is available near you at Active Path Mental Health. Learning more about TMS can help you prepare for a productive treatment journey.

The process of TMS treatment near you

  • Initial assessment — TMS treatment typically consists of a few easy steps. Before attending any sessions, you can receive a free consultation on the phone. This consultation can be a great way to determine how you could benefit from TMS treatment. After this, the first part of your care is the initial assessment. During this assessment, you can speak with a licensed clinician about your condition and medical history. Understanding your condition can help determine what kind of care is right for you.
  • Personalized planning — Your care team will keep you involved in the planning process each step of the way. The planning for your future treatments will mainly revolve around scheduling. This can help ensure that your TMS treatments work with other parts of your other time commitments. Your care team will include a specially trained technician and a psychiatrist. These specialists can answer any questions you might have and let you know what to expect. The planning phase is also important for determining the kind of transcranial magnetic stimulation you receive. The two main types are repetitive TMS (rTMS) and deep TMS. While these treatments are similar, receiving the right kind of care can help ensure an optimal outcome.
  • TMS sessions — After the intake procedures, you do not have to wait to experience relief. You will typically start your first TMS session on the same day. Before receiving a full TMS treatment, you will have a mapping session. This session allows your clinician to take your measurements and adjust the treatment to fit you. The TMS coil can be adjusted during this session. Typically, the device will hover over your scalp. The first appointment, including a full TMS session, tends to take between 45 minutes to an hour. This will probably be your longest visit. For future sessions, you can expect to spend around 30 minutes. Most patients receive a full course of treatment for six weeks followed by a taper of a few more weeks.

Benefits of TMS treatment near you

  • Noninvasive — TMS does not involve surgery or anesthesia. The side effects tend to be minor and brief, ranging from light tingling to some localized discomfort around the scalp. The noninvasive nature of this treatment can make it appealing to people who want to avoid the risks involved with other options. If you are looking for a relatively comfortable approach to care, TMS treatment can be a good option.
  • Lasting results — Many patients experience lasting relief after a full course of TMS therapy — 33% of patients at Active Path Mental Health achieve remission. This means they no longer experience symptoms of depression, even once treatment has ended. Unlike some medications, TMS does not require you to receive continual treatment. After completing your treatment, you may experience long-term mental health improvement.
  • Minimal disruption — When it comes to mental health treatments, disruption is often a primary concern. People do not want their treatment to interfere with other aspects of their daily lives. With TMS, concerns about disruption can be alleviated. The treatment timeline is relatively short, as is each individual treatment session. After an observation period, you can continue going about your day.

Find TMS treatment near you at Active Path Mental Health

Ready to receive top-notch TMS treatment near you? Active Path Mental Health is a leading provider of TMS treatment in Oregon and Washington. In addition to TMS, we also offer counseling services and groundbreaking Spravato treatments. With state-of-the-art facilities and a high standard for patient care, you can have a great experience with each session on your way to recovery.

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