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Experiencing treatment-resistant depression? Esketamine, commonly known by its brand name Spravato, is a groundbreaking depression treatment. Spravato works alongside oral antidepressants to help patients find consistent improvement. If you are looking for a treatment option that can help effectively address your depression symptoms, Spravato can help. Those who are interested in receiving Spravato treatments often want to learn more about how it works. Part of this is understanding how long esketamine stays in your system. Learning more about the typical treatment process and timeline can also be helpful.

So, how long does esketamine stay in your system? Spravato is a medication with a relatively short-acting time in the body. Many antidepressants stay in the body for weeks, which is why they can take a long time to generate an effect. Spravato, on the other hand, tends to cycle through the body within hours.

Esketamine’s half-life is biphasic, with an initial rapid decline in concentration within two to four hours and a terminal half-life (meaning when half of the drug is out of the system) of seven to 12 hours.

After receiving a dose of Spravato, patients are typically monitored for around two hours. At this point, the active effects should subside. Though Spravato leaves the body quickly, its results are not so fleeting. Esketamine treatments can offer many benefits including long-term depression relief. Learning more about these benefits can reveal why Spravato is appealing to so many people.

Top benefits of esketamine treatments for depression

  • Rapid onset — One standout advantage of Spravato is its rapid effects. If you are looking for noticeable relief within weeks, Spravato can help. The treatment process is simple. Spravato is a nasal spray that is self-administered under supervision. A clinician will help guide you through administering each dose. After your treatment and a monitoring period afterward, you can continue going about your day. If other depression treatments have not given you the relief you need, Spravato can be a great option.
  • Breakthrough potential — Have treatment-resistant depression? Spravato might be the key to finally finding improvement. Treatment-resistant depression is defined as depression that has not responded to at least two different trials of antidepressants. Having treatment-resistant depression can be frustrating. You may feel that medications in general do not help. Fortunately, Spravato’s innovative approach can offer hope. Spravato works differently from other medications. Unlike most antidepressants, esketamine targets the brain’s NMDA receptor. Because it affects different neurotransmitters, Spravato can offer relief where other treatments have been ineffective.
  • Improved functionality — Many people with depression have trouble functioning in everyday activities. Simple tasks like going to work or fulfilling social obligations can feel impossible. If depression is hindering you from carrying out your responsibilities, Spravato can help. Esketamine treatments boost glutamate in the brain, which is an excitatory neurotransmitter. Spravato may provide relief from symptoms like fatigue and lack of motivation that diminish your ability to function. With Spravato, you can return to engaging with the things and people you love.
  • Mild side effects — Many depression treatments come with the risk of negative side effects. For example, SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) frequently come with side effects. These can range from dizziness to anxiety. Serious side effects can be counterproductive, diminishing the benefits of treatment. Fortunately, the side effects of Spravato tend to be mild and short-lived. Common side effects include increased blood pressure and sleepiness. Because esketamine does not stay in your system for very long, these effects tend to be short-lived. Spravato’s mild side effects make it an appealing treatment option for people that have tried multiple medications.
  • Long-term results — Looking for a path to lasting mental health improvement? Esketamine has shown the potential for long-term remission in patients. By synergizing with oral antidepressants, Spravato can enhance the effects of your treatment. Incorporating other treatment strategies such as talk therapy can also help ensure long-term improvement. With the right treatment plan, you can experience major positive change through Spravato.

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