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Active Path is currently accepting patients for its newest clinic in Clackamas, located at 10151 SE Sunnyside Road location, next to Clackamas Town Center. The new clinic, opening October 19, will provide people struggling with severe depression with a valuable option for managing their mental health. TMS can reduce symptoms of depression or bring it under control with minimal side effects. It is a Food and Drug Administration-cleared treatment covered by many insurances, including Medicare, the Veterans Affairs Tri-Care/Tri-West, and the Oregon Health Plan.

Active Path currently has four locations across the Portland metro area and greater Willamette Valley. This year they opened clinics in Hillsboro, Tigard, and, most recently, Salem. The demand for the clinic’s services continues to increase. The practice has doubled its size this year, adding 12 new hires, among them psychiatric nurse practitioners and technicians.

“We already have people from the southeast part of the metro area driving to our other clinics for treatment,” said David Grano, CEO. “This will be a welcome relief for many people who can continue their depression treatment even closer to home.”

The clinic works with referring providers to design treatment plans. As Dr. Horey explains, “No one treatment will have the same effect on all patients. While TMS treatment alone may be successful for some, for others, it may be part of a standard treatment regimen of medication, psychotherapy, or a combination. Because we are providing TMS services exclusively, our goal is to work with each patient’s medical provider to find the right balance and achieve the desired outcome.”

TMS uses a highly focused, pulsed magnetic field (similar to an MRI) to target the brain regions involved in regulating mood. Each treatment is approximately 20 minutes. While antidepressant medications may affect sleep or cognition, TMS causes minimal side effects in a small percentage of patients. The therapy is administered on an outpatient basis so that patients can resume their normal activities immediately.

To schedule an appointment at the new clinic, visit our location page.

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