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Esketamine, or Spravato, is an innovative intranasal medication used to treat depression that does not respond to traditional depression medication. This kind of depression is also called treatment-resistant depression. For people with treatment-resistant depression, Spravato can offer much-needed progress. If you are planning to receive esketamine treatments, it can be helpful to know what to expect. Learning about the treatment process and its effects can help you stay in the loop. If you have further questions, your clinician can be a great source of information. Esketamine nasal spray is self-administered under supervision. Though in-person guidance is available, it can also help to read up on the treatment beforehand. Understanding how treatment works can help reduce any anxiety you may have leading up to your first appointment.

How receiving esketamine nasal spray treatment works

  • Preparation — Haven’t received esketamine treatments yet? You will likely discuss treatment options with your care provider. Initial discussions are essential for ensuring that you receive the right kind of care. You may work with a clinician to develop your unique treatment plan. Your plan can incorporate other kinds of care such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). A multifaceted treatment plan can help you receive holistic care that works to meet many different needs. At each appointment, your clinician will prepare the esketamine nasal spray for administration. This involves calculating the appropriate dosage. Once everything is ready, you can receive your treatment.
  • Administration — Administering Spravato is simple and easy. While sitting comfortably, you will self-administer the esketamine nasal spray. A technician will be available if you need any help during this process. After placing the device in your nostril, the medication is administered through the simple press of a button. Depending on your prescription, you may be asked to use multiple inhalers with short intervals between doses. Following your clinician’s instructions during this process is important. Once you have administered the Spravato, you can sit back and relax.
  • Monitoring — Patients are monitored for two hours following Spravato administration. This period is meant to ensure that you are not experiencing any adverse effects. You may experience mild side effects such as sleepiness or a sense of detachment. Arranging for transportation after each treatment is important. To ensure you stay safe, you need to have a trusted individual drive you home once the monitoring period is over.

Benefits to expect from esketamine nasal spray

  • Reduced symptoms — Spravato tends to yield noticeable results within four weeks. As you continue your course of treatment, you should notice a reduction in your depression symptoms. Improvement looks different for everyone, but benefits you may experience include better mood, increased energy and more motivation. The reduction in depression symptoms can have a major impact on your livelihood and ability to function in the world. With the help of Spravato, you can experience life-changing relief.
  • Lasting benefits — Spravato can lead to sustained improvement. With Spravato, you can enhance the effects of your oral antidepressants. This boost can help you experience long-term benefits. The lasting benefits of Spravato may be especially appealing to people with treatment-resistant depression. The brain chemicals targeted by Spravato are different from the ones targeted by traditional antidepressants. Spravato targets glutamate. Glutamate is found throughout the nervous system and plays many essential roles. By affecting your glutamate transmission, Spravato can have widespread benefits. 
  • Minimal side effects — Wary of potential side effects? Spravato runs its course in the body within hours, meaning side effects do not tend to last longer than a day. You will also be monitored for two hours after receiving Spravato to ensure you are safe to leave the office. Esketamine tends to perform well in conjunction with other medications, which is why it is typically prescribed alongside an oral antidepressant. 

Active Path Mental Health offers effective esketamine nasal spray treatments

Ready for your first Spravato treatment? At Active Path Mental Health, you can experience top-notch care during each session. Our team holds a high standard of patient care in every interaction. When it comes to Spravato, you can rest assured your treatment will be handled with compassion and expertise.

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