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Mental health disorders require the same level of care and treatment as physical health issues do. Many medical conditions require treatment that is invasive or includes ingesting drugs. But there are many natural approaches to treating mental health disorders like depression.

While there are many ways that you can approach depression treatment, there are several natural options that you can explore. One of the most effective options is the one that requires an action that you do on a daily basis: talking. Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is one of the most recommended natural treatments for depression. But why should you consider it? We’re here to answer that question.

Read on to learn about the basics of depression and why you should consider psychotherapy as a natural treatment option for your depression.

The basics of depression

Depression, or major depressive disorder, is a common mental health disorder that affects about 21% of U.S. adults in their lifetime. It’s the leading cause of disability in the country for those between the ages of 15 and 44.

Major depressive disorder causes overwhelming and persistent negative feelings, such as sadness and hopelessness. These all-encompassing feelings can make it difficult for you to carry out your daily activities. It can also be hard to form and maintain healthy relationships with your family, friends, co-workers and significant others.

Common symptoms of depression include:

  • Constant feelings of sadness and malaise.
  • Lack of interest in activities.
  • Increased fatigue or insomnia.
  • Heightened irritability.
  • Changes in appetite.
  • Suicidal thoughts.

7 reasons that psychotherapy should be used as a natural treatment for depression

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is a treatment option that gives you the opportunity to talk to a professional about your mental health. It’s usually one of the first courses of action when it comes to treating any mental health disorder, including depression. 

Talk therapy is often used as a natural treatment for depression because all it involves is speaking to another person. While that may seem relatively basic on the surface, there are a variety of reasons that people seek out psychotherapy on their mental health journey, especially those with depression.

Here are seven reasons that you should consider psychotherapy as a natural treatment for depression:

  1. Experience a safe space — It’s not always easy to be yourself, even with your family and friends. In a therapy session, you can be as open and honest as you feel comfortable with. Mental health providers create a judgment-free zone that allows you to let out the thoughts and feelings that you’re often scared to admit out loud.
  1. Hold yourself accountable — By going to see a therapist, especially on your own accord, you’re holding yourself accountable for your negative feelings and possibly dangerous behavior. Admitting that you need help is a huge step in your mental health journey. You’re allowing yourself to be open to a better future for yourself.
  1. Learn valuable skills — A therapist can teach you valuable skills that you can immediately implement into your lifestyle as well as carry on for many years in the future. They can teach you coping mechanisms that will help you learn healthy ways to deal with situations that may trigger a depressive episode.
  1. Problem-solve — Major depressive episodes are often triggered by life changes or issues with other people in your life. Your therapist can help you break down the problem to determine the best ways to proceed. You can also learn problem-solving skills that will help you tackle difficult situations in the future
  1. Gain new perspective — When you’re struggling with a situation going on in your life, such as experiencing disappointment or fighting with your family, it’s easy to think of things as black or white. A therapist can help you examine it from every angle and shed light on the problem in a way that can lead you to a better decision or mindset surrounding it.
  1. Feel heard — If you open up to your loved ones about your depression, it’s possible that they will brush the feelings off as temporary. Or they could accidentally minimize your feelings by trying to tell you why you shouldn’t feel down due to your positive traits or “exciting” things you have going for you. But a therapist can make you feel heard and validate your feelings.
  1. Improve self-esteem — A therapist can help you reframe your mindset and focus on your strengths as opposed to the weaknesses that are normally magnified by depression. Psychotherapy will help you gain a better sense of self and improve your self-esteem.

Active Path Mental Health offers psychotherapy as a natural depression treatment

Depression can make you feel like your negative feelings and thoughts will never fade. But with natural depression treatment options like psychotherapy, you can help reduce the impact that depression has on your daily life and move along your mental health journey.

Active Path Mental Health has locations in Oregon and Washington that can provide psychotherapy to help treat your depression.
Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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